Why You Need to Revamp Your Website in Every 3 Year?

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Is been a while since you last update your website? When is the last time you change your website interfaces such as colors and layouts? Well, If you haven’t taken the time to look deeply into your website for more than 3 years, it probably is time for you to revamp your website.

Many online businesses practice the 3-year rule to do a major website revamp. The main reason is to have a fresh look and updates to reach out to online customers. If your company earned a new award, certification or added a new product, your website should reflect them. Meanwhile, removing non-functional parts such as dead buttons, non-clickable links, pages, and tabs. Besides, having new content can also attract new customers and drive more sales.

There is an ongoing development of new digital products and technological advancements on website design and features. Thus, it is recommended to revamp your website so that all the current plugins and tools are up-to-date. Plus, you can also add-in new tools to optimize your revenue stream, meanwhile, enhance user experience.

The search engine is one of your customers’ sources. However, if your website is not visible in the search engine whenever potential customer search keywords relevant to your business, then you will not be able to connect to these customers. It is important to revamp your website and engage with SEO strategy to allow your website to be visible on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and other search engines.

If you notice that it takes some time for your website to load and it wasn’t screened responsive, you should consider revamping your website because you are on the risk of losing your audience. Study shows that visitors only have 3-seconds patience to wait for a website to load and 73% of them reflect is important for a website to display well on devices. To ensure your audience able to access your website 24/7, you should have a fast loading and responsive website.

Cyber hacking could turn out to be your worse nightmare. Research shows that cyber attacks have become daily occurrences with 30,000 websites hacked per day. It is advised to relook into your website security system especially during the website revamp. Developers will analyze your site’s bug history and build you a better and more secure website.

The website is the tool connecting your business to the world. The unattractive website may affect user experience and of course the sales. Re-designing your website might give you a hard time to get started but the result is definitely rewarding. It is time to check out what’s doing well and not on your website and re-work on your website.

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