Top 8 Web Design Trends for 2020

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Website design or web design is the main structure of a website. It plays an important role as the overall design will affect the visitors’ mood and intuitive whether to stay on the page or to leave the page immediately. So, we at Inonext compiled a “Top 8 Web Design Trends for 2020″ list to help you keep up with the latest design or incorporate some of the newest design elements to your website to stay fresh and interesting.

inonext, 2020 web design trends, minimalist

In 2019, the minimalist concept has been widely used. The minimum color background with uncluttered content creates a spacious and simple look and feel. The overall minimalist design is to guide visitors to focus on the content you want them to see. Besides, flat design with vibrant colors is another hot pick. The 2D design with energetic colors was simplified from actual picture or realism, adding in some comical effect, the overall picture successfully earns people’s attention. It is trend-driven from the infographic and everyone just loves it.

inonext, 2020 web design trends, flat design

So in the coming 2020, some of the design trends might continue to get people’s adoration, some will undergo some evolution and others maybe is considered outdated. Let’s check out the Top 10 Web Designs Trends in 2020.


Top 8 Web Design Trends for 2020 are:

  1. Minimalist with Bold Colours
  2. Asymmetry
  3. Motion Design / Integrated Gifs
  4. Gigantic Typography
  5. Plenty of Whitespaces
  6. Voice Search
  7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Infusion
  8. Augmented Reality

1. Minimalist with Bold Colours

As the current wash-away color is generally used in the minimalist concept website, having a strong and bold color could make your brand one of a kind. The overall layout is still keeping at the minimum but the colors selected can be an impactful color to grab people’s attention.

inonext, 2020 web design trends

One of the examples is the Essentially Geared Wine Co. The background color chosen is similar to the product’s color and the result is fascinating.  Not only the products did not shadow or blend into the background, the overall picture appeal to be more young and modern. Plus, a few one-word product descriptions with the best match food or environment to enjoy the drinks, it gave you the reasons not to miss this drink.

egwineco, inonext, 2020 web design trendsegwineco, inonext, 2020 web design trendsegwineco, inonext, 2020 web design trendsegwineco, inonext, 2020 web design trends


2. Asymmetry

The asymmetrical design was introduced in 2019 and the trend is still growing. Most of the websites apply the asymmetry arrangement on the title with a huge font size. The design makes the website more interesting to look at.

inonext, 2020 web design trends, asymmetricinonext, 2020 web design trends, asymmetricinonext, 2020 web design trends, asymmetric

Meanwhile, asymmetric layouts could turn out to be the new unbalanced fun web design trend. The overall website no longer building on-grid or well organized. Everything is floating and moving based on your mouse movement. One of the examples is Dada-Data. They use the combination of asymmetric structure and dynamic background. The moving effect is trigger by your mouse cursor and some other effects are trigger when you scroll. It is a new approach in the web design area.


3. Motion Design / Integrated Gifs

A static website can be boring as it is lacking interaction. Therefore, the parallax scrolling effect is greatly used in the past to make the website more interesting. For example the Apple website. The website pictures and content is moving around whenever you scroll. The overall effect is fascinating and at the same time creating a luxurious impression. Plus the autoplay videos, the website is so much fun to look at.

In the coming 2020, 3D gifs format video will be another motion design that grabs people’s attention. You may replace the loading icon with a 3D gifs or even introduce your service or products. This approach is much more efficient compared to a picture or description. One of the suitable examples is the CarLens banner.


4. Gigantic Typography

Instead of the standard font size (Biggest font size as heading, slightly smaller as sub-headings and normal font size for the content), gigantic typography is a new trend, usually used in hero images and section titles. No matter is the solid color or outline, incorporating gigantic typography can easily catch people’s attention.

inonext, 2020 web design trends, large font type

5. Plenty of Whitespaces

Whitespace refers to the extra blank areas in between the design elements such as spaces between lines, sections, spaces around images or even the margins around the page. It could be seen as an inefficient use of space but it gives the page or screen a spacious and well-balanced feel. Besides, it can increase legibility and efficiently highlight important elements such as call-to-actions.

inonext, 2020 web design trends, white spaces

Although it is known as whitespaces it can be made up of any of the background colors. It is one of the minimalist design elements being adapted into other designs. The whitespaces give a clean and stress-free look and feel. So, it is highly recommended for all websites to add whitespaces while create or revamp your website.


6. Voice Search

We use to enjoy text/word searching before the reverse image search is widely adopted by the marketplace other than Google. If you see something you interested in, all you got to do is enter into a marketplace, snap a photo of the item and find similar products. In 2020, voice search will be another search method that applies to the mass market. This feature is not something new. In the present, you can search the music you want to listen to Youtube using voice search. Although this technology has been available on Google since 2012 this technology is no available on other business websites. However, after years of practice and utilize, everyone begins to enjoy voice search especially those who can write or spell. 2020 will be the year for Voice Search to glow and shine.

voice search, inonext, 2020 web design trends


7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Infusion

If you are familiar with online marketing, you should have learned that different target audience is attracted to different copywriting and images. Hence, several ads created to approach different audiences. In 2020, infuse machine learning on a website can help you to understand each of your audiences better and recommend relevant content or products to them. This approach can highly increase the conversion rate, in the meantime increase customer’s affinity towards your brand.

machine learning, inonext, 2020 web design trends


8. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality used to be a dream that is impossible to achieve. Nonetheless, it is a technology that everyone affords to enjoy. Pokemon Go is a perfect example of an augmented reality mobile game. You can see a Pokemon on your bed and throw a Pokeball right on it. The interaction between the character and the real-life environment makes the game more intimate compared to the normal mobile game. In 2020, the marketplace can benefit from augmented reality technology. Imagine you are looking for a coffee table for your new house, if the furniture store owned the augmented reality technology, you can pick the desire coffee table and check if it matches the overall design. Isn’t it a wonderful feature?

augmented reality retail, inonext, 2020 web design trends

Others Web Design Tips

1. Mobile Adaptive

All this while we are very concern about mobile-friendly. So we habitually will ask the service provider to create a mobile-friendly website in which the web design for desktop is perfectly fit into other screens size. In 2020, instead of a mobile-friendly website, web design is screwed towards mobile adaptive. In other words, the web design on desktop and mobile could be a different layout. There are several reasons why a different layout is alright.

  • The desktop screen is view horizontally but the mobile screen is a vertical layout. Therefore, the beautiful horizontal banner turns out to be a cute top banner on the mobile screen. Else the banner will be crop if the banner is not perfectly fit into a mobile screen. Hence, it is necessary to redesign the web layout for the mobile screens instead of reusing the same design use for desktop.
  • Consider about the pointer, we commonly use cursor while using the desktop. Thus, we can have a cluttered design or tonnes of clickable buttons or hyperlink on the website. However, when it goes to mobile phones, fingertips will be our pointer. Even though fingertip is much more sensitive than a mouse cursor, but at the same time, the fingertip touches area is also wider than a cursor. Therefore, less cluttered design and distinctive buttons are much better to apply on a mobile screen.
  • As mobile users are increasing year by year, making your website easy navigation on mobile screens can earn visitors affinity. In basic web design, the menu bar is usually displayed at the top part of the website. Nevertheless, it turns out to be tiny buttons when you view on a mobile screen. For that reason, replacing it with a hamburger menu is much more mobile-friendly. Consequently, easy navigation on mobile sites can enhance user experience.


2. Scalable Vectors Graphics (SVG)

Inserting a scalable image on the website seems to be a common practice that every web designer should alert with. However, many of the service providers don’t alert the clients to prepare such material. Therefore, those images prepared are not high resolution enough to enlarge. Subsequently, when visitors would like to see the image in detail, all they see is a pixilated image. To counter this issue, an SVG format image should be used instead of the classic JPG, PNG or PDF format. Since SVG is not formed based on pixels, it will not be pixilated when you enlarge.

svg, inonext, 2020 web design trends

3. Videos

Having a short clip on your website can educate visitors about your business or products in the shortest time. However, a long video clip may cause boredom or even affect your website loading time. Thus, we encourage clients to insert short video clips which lasts within 10-15 seconds and not more than 3 videos on a single page.


4. Chatbots

With the growing user base in WhatsApp, Messenger and other communication tools, answering your customers’ questions instantly seem to be a norm. What we commonly see in the market is a live chatbots widget where you can reach the client servicer or operator in real-time. The most advanced chatbots is a predesign multiple answer questions to guide visitors and fulfil their needs. It is similar to a call operator system that asks you to press 1, 2, 3 and # to connect with the relevant department to help out with your question. In the meantime, in the digital world, it will end with recommending the best match products to the visitor’s needs based on the questions and answers you had predesign.

chatbots, inonext, 2020 web design trends


5. Push Notification

DO NOT OVERUSE PUSH NOTIFICATION. When push notifications a.k.a. pop-up notifications were first introduced on a retail website, there is a great response from the mass market including increases in sales and subscription. However, due to this feature is widely used in most of the website, visitors started to get immune or even annoyed with push notification. Instead of getting excited every time there is a pop-up announcing new information or products updated on your website, visitors may feel interrupted and unfollow your website. Therefore, knowing when to trigger the push notification is a trick to keep the harmony between you and your visitors.

push notification, inonext, 2020 web design trends

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