Web Design Price in Malaysia (What They’re Not Telling You)

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If you are checking out web design price in Malaysia, maybe you will surprise with the price vary.

It can be as cheap as RM 600 to RM 20,000 for one basic website. Don’t feel stress with it, we will slowly explain to you based on our analysis.


How Much Should a Website Cost in Malaysia for 2020?

Owning a website is a basic requirement for a business in 2020. Due to price competition in Malaysia, web design agencies or freelancers offering different services with different costing. First of all, you need to know the purpose of your website, is either a single page website, basic portfolio website, eCommerce website, corporate website or you need to build a custom made website.

1. How Much Web Design Agency Charge for a Single Page Website?

For a simple landing page website or a single page website, the price will be vary based on the features. Usually, a single page website will cost between RM 600 – RM 2,000 depending on the page length. If you have less information (single service or product) to share online, then a 0ne-page website should be sufficient.

2. How Much Web Design Agency Charge for a Basic or Portfolio Website?

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Meanwhile, a 5-10 pages website will be price between RM 2,000 to RM 10,000. This is a standard website package in which you can have:

  • Homepage
  • Products page
  • Subpage for an individual product
  • News and Events
  • About Us
  • Contact Us

Web design agency in Malaysia will charge website with more than 10 pages from RM 5,000 to RM 20,000. Usually business with a lot of product categories will sign up for this package. Stay alert with the number of revisions given by web design agency. Normally, the lower-cost packages will only allow lesser revisions and a pricey website may allow more revisions.

3. How Much Web Design Agency Charge for an eCommerce Website Design or a Booking Website Design?

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The web design company will charge higher for a booking or eCommerce website design due to the complexity of the modules. Custom code may involve if there are certain logic that needed to match with your business requirement. Not forgetting the additional features such as stock count and update, instant alert or notification, special discount on the selected item, etc. Normally the price will start from RM 6,000 and the price will increase based on the additional requirement.

4. How Much Does The Corporate Website Development Cost?

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If you require a corporate website, the price range from RM 15,000 to RM 100,000. The price charges depending on the design, content, and features. Design is costly as corporate websites have their own Corporate Identity (CI) and branding is very crucial. On top of that, an experienced copywriter will be needed to prepare professional content. Since both design and content will be representing your company online, it is worthy to spend a little more on these two aspects. Besides, additional features will also charge based on the functionality. If custom coding needed then additional cost will be incurred based on the complexity and time-consume to create the feature requested.

5. How Much Does The Custom Website Development Cost?

If none of the existing package or design that able to quench your thirst, you can go for custom website design & development. Since the website is tailored made from scratch, you can add fancy ideas and unique functionality to stand out from the crowd. Some of the businesses might need special features such as a special calculator, progress bar, animation effect or any integration works. The average price for a multi-page website is RM 15,000. Normally an expanding business will choose custom web design so that the website can add in other functionality in the future.

6. How Much Web Design Company Charge for a Government Agency Website?

Lastly for the Government agency website, due to there are a lot of factors such as confidential content, more users accessibility, database integration, etc. Therefore there is no base price for the Government agency website. However, you may ask a quotation with an in-detailed requirement so that web design agencies can quote accurately.

The Basic Requirements For A Website

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Once you decided the objective of owning a website, you will need to check out the domain and hosting. Cheapest domain price can be RM 30 depending on the domain demand and also the nationality. Local domain (.com.my) is cheaper compare to international domain (.com). The domain should be owned by you even the domain is purchased by the web design agency, the ownership should be relocated under your account. This is due to the domain is your property.

How Much Does a Web Hosting Cost Per Month?

Meanwhile, website hosting pricing varies based on specification and provider. You may get as low as RM 200 up to a few thousand per month or year. The package subscribes will be affecting the website loading speed, storage size, security, etc. You can also purchase your hosting if you own several domains and websites. If not, using the web design agency’s hosting is alright but you need to pay annually.

1. How Much Do Designers and Copywriters Charge per Website?

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Once domain and hosting have settled you can focus on website development or website creation. There are two things that you need to focus on, one of them is the content which is the information that you would like to include on your website, another one will be the web design. Some of the web design agencies provide copywriting services whereby you can provide the information in point form and they will write beautiful sentences out of it. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry much about the content. Copywriting can cost from hundreds to thousand ringgit Malaysia based on the length of your content or the number of webpages needed.

You can refer to your web design agency whether the website you desired can be created with a template or custom code. Sometimes designers might involve designing concepts or mock-up for your website. This is a good move as you can see the static website design or “prototype”, the overall look and feel before the website is created. You may amend the design based on the number of revisions given by your web design agency. The price can start from RM 1,500 and increases based on the number of pages and revisions. If you need selected photography or stock images to make your website more interesting the price can be as cheap as RM 30 per picture up to thousands based on the picture’s quality and user’s right.

How Much Does a Website Template/Theme Cost?

If you have a prefer website template, you may share your thoughts with your web design agency. The cost of your template mainly depends on the web developer use which framework to develop your website. Most web design agencies in Malaysia are using WordPress framework to develop a website for their client. You can either buy the WordPress theme/template license or the web design agency can get a similar one. The WordPress theme price starts from USD 50. If you are clueless about design, you may share with the web design agency those websites that you like or competitor websites as a benchmark. If there is nothing you like and you have your unique idea, you may go for a custom website. It is a bit pricey compared to the template website due to the agency will have to use programming codes to create the website from scratch and will take some time.

2. Other Website’s Needs

Begins with a sitemap can help you easily visualize the number of pages and subpages needed on your website. These are standard five main pages which are Homepage, Product page, News and Events, About Us and Contact Us. Usually, the agency will include two more pages which are the Privacy Policy and Term of Use. These two pages are normally free of charge (F.O.C) and are important to protect your website content and visitor’s usage right.

3. How Much Do Web Designers Charge per Page in Malaysia?

If the pages listed above are insufficient for your business, you can request additional pages. The starting price for an additional single page is RM 150 depending on the length of content. If you need sub-pages for an individual product or in-detailed explanation for services, you will need to discuss with your web design agency beforehand. Some agency will give you free for the subpages if the number is less.

Besides, you should be alert with the number of revisions or changes available for your package. Usually, the number of revisions is starting from three, however, if you are still unsatisfied with the work after three revisions, then you will have to pay for the rest of the changes. The price will be charged averagely RM 100 and above depending on the complexity of the changes. This is because the number of hours involved in website creation has increased. Therefore, it will be great that you are clear on the desired website and share examples or references when you subscribe to the web design service.

4. How Much Web Design Agency Charge for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

For your website to be successfully searched online, you will need the website to be SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ready. Having this enabled will allow your website to rank on Search Engine and Google Suggest whenever online user search keywords relevant to your business. The SEO price in Malaysia is around RM 0 to RM 3,000. Some web design agencies will offer SEO services to rank keywords relevant to your industry. This package price will vary based on the number of keywords targeted and the retainer fee.

5. How Much Web Design Agency Charge for Website Maintenance Services?

Website maintenance or website support is one of the services that you should subscribe to if you want to be hassle-free. Most of the people did not subscribe to this service and didn’t keep their website updated. The possible outcomes are such as website down, malware attack, slow loading speed, etc. For your website to run smoothly, you can subscribe to website maintenance and leave the troubles to your web design agency. The price starts from RM 300 per month. Website maintenance service should include the following services such as plugin update, fixing bugs and reduce malware attack, keeping your site live and responsive and adding new and fresh content into your website.

Why are Some Web Design Packages Cheaper?

Sometimes you can see a super cheap web design offer such as RM 150 for basic web design. Don’t get excited about this offer because it is an instalment plan. You might have to pay up to 12 to 24 months to finally own the website. Some of the packages did not offer the pay-to-own scheme. Therefore, once you stop paying, you will lose your website entirely. Thus, do remember to check with the web design agency in-detail regarding the payment and what you will get to avoid misunderstanding.

Besides, cheaper packages may include lesser specifications. Most of the cheaper price packages only provide the web creation service. In other words, you will need to prepare the content, design, template and more. The web design agency may charge extra for each item you added into your packages which will in return, much more costly compared to those that offer thousands. In short, you should get the rate card and have a rough idea about the cost incurred.

How to Choose a Web Design Agency or Freelancer?

Instead of choosing based on prices, you should choose by quality. Most of the agencies or freelancers did share their previous work and testimonials. Check out those websites that they created previously.

1. Web Agencies and Freelancer, Their Past Clients

The best web designers in Malaysia should have a strong web design knowledge website design to website development. Every established web design agency should have their previous clients. You may ask for examples of websites they developed before which have similar industry, website’s goals and features with yours.

2. They Know Responsive Design

Check those agencies or freelancers’ websites in several screens to see whether the website is screen responsive or mobile responsive. Since people nowadays spend more time on mobile phones and tablets compared to the desktop, your website needs to be mobile responsive. Some of the experience website design agencies will suggest for mobile adaptive in which the website layout and design are different in every screen size. The advantage of having a mobile adaptive website is better user experience and interaction but the downside is that you need to pay a little more to have this feature.

3. They Are Experienced and Professional

You can check the experience or professionality of the agency, for example, the copyright sentence at the footer of each website, the availability of the privacy policy and the term of use. Normally users are not aware of the existence of these three items, therefore the agency needs to alert buyers.

4. They Keep Up With Modern Design Trends

Reason three, you can check the quality of the web design agency. Go through the existing website layout and navigation. If you can easily find the information or navigate to other pages, then the website is considered good in UI/UX. If you are lost in the website or can’t even find the menu bar, you know the quality of the agency immediately.

Now It’s Your Turn To Decide

Lastly, see whether you like the style and design of the agency. There are many website designs and styles such as minimalist, flat design, real images, etc. Most of the web design agencies can do all kinds of website but there are still agencies only work on the selected styles. Therefore, it will be great if you check the agency works before you buy their services or else, you can get some website references so that they can decide whether they can do it or not.

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