Is Website Really A Trend In Malaysia?

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Owning a portfolio website is the least requirement every business should fulfill nowadays. With the advancement of handphones and the usage of multiple screens, people enjoy checking things online. With the aids of all types of search engines, people can easily gather information.

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In Malaysia, there are still 50% of the businesses that yet to venture into the digital world. However, we can’t ignore the fact that physical stores are making less profit compared to the past. This is due to consumers buying behavior is transforming into online shopping. People no longer keen on shopping offline.

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The simple Click-Pay-Receive steps have become a habit in Malaysia nowadays. People no longer visit the physical store to do their research and shopping. On the other hand, the availability of speedy internet and information online and have eased the buying process, which in return affecting peoples’ buying behavior. Individuals no longer loyal to a single shop or stick with a single brand or product.

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Consumers barely believe the words of the salesperson who exaggerate the functions and the benefits of the product yet they choose to believe those testimonials appear online. They believe that online is a non-boundary area in which people dare to speak and willing to share their true feelings. Hence, is safe to say that feedback online weighs more important than a testimonial shared by a salesman.

Besides, consumers get to view and compare prices in a-go. In other words, they don’t have to visit the physical stores to store. Thus reduce the time consuming to travel from one place to another, searching for a parking lot, queueing up to make payment and lastly, carry everything to the car, then back home. Buying things online can save all these hassles. Not only you don’t have to spend quality time doing the shopping, but the purchased item will also be delivered to your doorstep. If the item is broken, you can always return the parcel or cash return.

You may leverage the online marketplace instead of an e-commerce website. However, owning a portfolio website is a trend for people to know about your brand and company background. Having a website online is the right move to increase your business visibility and increase brand awareness. Is time for your business to voice up online and reach out to the potential customer.

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